About Us

Ray Tile & Bath

About Pittsburgh’s Premier Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Ray Tile & Bath is a fully insured, family-owned and operated Bathroom Remodeling and Tile Installation business located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA.  Our PA Home Improvement Contractor Registration # is PA 070591.

Frank and Lisa Ray are the sole owners of Ray Tile and Bath.  Frank works as the Operations Manager.  He has over 20 years of experience in construction, remodeling and tile work.  He is a detail-oriented perfectionist when it comes to his work and the work which he oversees.  He takes great personal interest in understanding how things can be constructed properly, to last the test of time.  He brings this interest whole-heartedly into Ray Tile and Bath with how we approach the construction of a bathroom.

Lisa works as the Business Manager.  She manages Accounting, Sales and Customer Service.  Her background as a CPA and CFO helps her focus on the importance of the details of the business.  Her background as an instructor of courses in business communication skills keeps her focused on the importance of communication with the customers of Ray Tile & Bath.

When they started Ray Tile and Bath (Ray Tiling at the time) Frank worked all of the jobs himself, hiring part-time helpers as necessary.  They have been happy to have since brought on a full-time crew who has proven to be dependable and quality-focused, allowing the business to grow.

Frank and Lisa both take pride in the quality and durability of projects completed by Ray Tile and Bath and the relationships that they have built with their customers.

Why Choose Ray Tile & Bath for you bathroom or tile installation project?

We understand that when you hire us as your bathroom or tile contractor, you are not simply paying for a new bathroom or tile installation.  You are entrusting us with a piece of your home.  We promise to treat you and your home with the utmost respect and care.  We will maintain a high level of integrity, attention to detail, quality of work and respect toward our customers.  We are fully committed to delivering excellent quality and craftsmanship that surpasses your needs and expectations.

If you are just looking for a short-term solution, Ray Tile & Bath is probably not the company for you.  We will only perform work that we honestly believe will still be solid decades after installation.  When evaluating your tile installation process, remember that the durability of the tile is only as good as it’s foundation.  The integrity of the materials and structure immediately under the tile and behind the shower are as important, if not more so, than the tile and surface items.

There are situations where a potential customer will want us to do patch-work or install tile on a surface that we are not comfortable with.  We will turn down the work if we don’t believe it will be a good representation of our name and reputation in the long run.  It may look beautiful immediately after the job is completed..but what about 10 years from now?  You certainly can find contractors at a cheaper price, but “cheaper” does not usually equal “better”.

It is not our goal to be the least expensive.  It is our goal to be the Best!