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Replaced Water-Damage Pergo With Tile

This homeowner’s Pergo flooring was destroyed by a water leak.  They were looking to replace it with something that could withstand some water.  So we installed tile.  Their kitchen and dining room had a fairly new concrete slab under the flooring.  One concern was that concrete typically cracks at some point.  Their home was fairly new, and therefore likely not completely settled.  If tile were installed directly over the slab, and the slab moved or cracked, the tile would crack as well.  So we recommended a Ditra membrane between the slab and the tile which can absorb any such movement and prevent cracking in the concrete from being transferred to the tile.  You can see the Ditra in a picture below.  It is the orange membrane.

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I felt very comfortable with the company. They were very honest and seem like they are genuinely interested in helping the customer get the best result for the best price. They will not do a quick fix, they want their work to last. They were also incredibly responsive and dependable- very good communication throughout even though this was a relatively small job.

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