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12” x 24” White Shower and Walls

We rescued this customer’s bathroom that had been installed completely wrong. The two signs that tipped the customer off that something was wrong were mold was forming in the shower (which was installed less than 12 months prior) and the glass shower door was leaning (the framing was not strong enough to hold the door up).  These pictures show how the tile was installed directly onto drywall (very bad practice), and each piece of the drywall itself was only held by 4 screws (not quite enough to support the weight of large ceramic tile over time!)  Not only was there no waterproofing used, the contractor didn’t even at the very least install the tile onto cement backerboard. The drywall could have very easily been weakened by moisture, putting the entire wall at risk of caving in. Very dangerous. A tell-tale sign of improper installation is “lippage” – when the tiles are not flush with one another (see shadows on tile in before pics below).

We started fresh from the substrate and installed 12″ x 24″ white tile on sturdy, durable, high-quality Kerdi backerboard to rescue this bathroom!  We also discovered that there was no wooden framing installed to support the glass doors.  The doors were installed into a PVC pipe behind the tile.





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I felt very comfortable with the company. They were very honest and seem like they are genuinely interested in helping the customer get the best result for the best price. They will not do a quick fix, they want their work to last. They were also incredibly responsive and dependable- very good communication throughout even though this was a relatively small job.

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