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Porcelain Backsplash w/ a Stone Look

This customer chose to have the accent tiles alternate in height, instead of just having them across in a straight line.  The result was a classy look.  They were concerned about the grout staining, so we used an epoxy grout, which never needs sealed.  We recommend this with all backsplashes, because many homeowners forget to maintain their grout by re-sealing it every few years.  Epoxy grout is more expensive, so it can sometimes be cost-prohibitive over a very large area.  But over the small space of a backsplash, it usually makes sense.

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I felt very comfortable with the company. They were very honest and seem like they are genuinely interested in helping the customer get the best result for the best price. They will not do a quick fix, they want their work to last. They were also incredibly responsive and dependable- very good communication throughout even though this was a relatively small job.

Melanie K. (on AngiesList.com)

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